Board Games to Create and Play

Snaddering is a way to rapidly invent a board game about anything with your friends. Starting from a simple board of connected tracks, you'll agree some rules, write some squares, add some doodles and you'll be ready to drop some dice and counters onto it and play it straight away.

The snaddering system was developed by Kevan Davis and Viviane Schwarz.

A book describing how it works, with 58 blank tear-out boards and dozens of suggested rules to try (from barricades and secret identities to card-based movement and worker placement), was released as Board Games to Create and Play by Pavilion Books in October 2019.

It can be ordered from sites including, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, Foyles, Hive UK, The Ludoquist and Waterstones.

The book is also out in German as Brettspiele - Erfinden, Gestalten, Spielen.

The Squaretown junk shop A snaddered game on the petri-dish board Movement cards on the Ritual board Bad times on Wicker Road Movement cards in Blockworld Action cards for a hospital board game